Managing Ward Finances & Budgets Conferences

Hospitals across the country are constantly under pressure to treat increasing numbers of patients with tighter funds and resources. At the ward level, over-worked Nurse Unit Managers struggle to balance patient care and ward finances. With an ageing population and inflation back on the rise, ward managers need to be equipped with the financial and managerial skills necessary to cope with these increasing pressures.

Attend the Managing Ward Finances & Budgets Conference to gain practical advice for driving operational effectiveness, and ensure your ward delivers high-quality healthcare and performs cost efficiently.

A selection of confirmed speakers include:

  • Luke Baxby, Associate Director, Corporate Finance (Healthcare), Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • Robyn Cahill, Director Systems Performance, Acute Care Division, NT Department of Health
  • Anthony Williams, Operations Director, Institute of Surgery, Townsville Hospital
  • Wayne Jones, Director of Clinical Streams, North Coast Area Health Service
  • Jeffrey Souter, Nurse Manager, Nursing Clinical Support Systems, Nursing Administration, Townsville Hospital
The agenda will be released shortly, please check this page for updates.

This conference will be held on the 24 - 25 May 2010 at  Brisbane Marriott Hotel (costs $ 1644.50 AUD + 250 WYEA admin fee). You are welcome to attend. The Information posted on this page is only meant to provide you an insight on knowledge and skills transfer opportunities available within the Australian HR/Skilling/OHS/Workplace sector. In collaboration with our partners, we can design a specific program for you and your group, providing an opportunity for you to meet with Australian leading professionals in a friendly and highly rewarding environment.