The World Youth Empowerment Association Inc (WYEA) AfricAustralia Programs aims to enhance bilateral or multilateral exchange between Africa and Australia.

Key purpose is essentially focused on increasing productivity and optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of government and private sector industries or organizations in Africa.

Particularly, WYEA is collaborating with leading service industries in Australia  to harness effective intelligence, that is then,  tailored towards solving critical industry needs in Africa.

By capitalizing on the best practice expertise of our collaborating partners, WYEA has developed the capacity to link African professionals, groups, industries and organizations with seasoned experts in Australia including CEOs, Directors, Senior Consultants, Development Managers, Heads of Government Departments, Analysts and Managing Directors.

Focusing on the Australian case study, you can choose from a range of programs highlighted on this website  or inform us of directly related issue that your organization or industry group is dealing with currently. We will coordinate a customized program that targets meeting your needs in the following areas and among others: Agriculture, Mining and Petroleum, Education, Energy/Power, Infrastructure, Computer and Information Technology, Health, Security, Management/Leadership, Tourism


Through our high powered programs designed specifically for your group, you will learn about latest technologies within your industry, acquire new ideas and best practice information that will help your organization greatly reduce the research time and costs which they would normally incur.

Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to develop better contacts and gain knowledge in specific areas including interacting with the Australian industry’s most highly respected professionals and captains of industry. This makes the inbound visit crucial to optimizing you and your delegates’ current roles, yielding rich dividends for increasing the productivity of your organization.


Our expectation is to receive an expression of interest from your organization indicating an interest to visit Australia with a team of delegates representing industry groups in your country, so we can start mobilizing the relevant stakeholders here in Australia.

THANK YOU and...

Click the side bars to browse through your interests. If you are unable to find a suitable program or information that meets your need, feel free to send us an email at wyea@wyea.org so we can create a customized program -- specifically designed to meet your needs.

Have a pleasant time browsing through our website and we look forward to receiving your feedback.



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